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Our Process

At FunnelKake, we don’t guess at your digital marketing strategy or use templates like other agencies do. Every ad, every web page, every blog, every email, every social post – everything we do – is crafted specifically for you based on a custom marketing strategy.

How we develop your digital marketing strategy

We start your marketing strategy by first taking stock of your marketing assets – what you have and what you don’t. We determine what’s working for you, what’s not, what can be improved, and where the opportunities are. And of course, we speak with you about your company’s goals.

Then our marketing experts work on your value proposition (your offer), what separates you from your competitors, who we should target, and how we should target them.

Once we’ve determined who your customer is, we implement strategies across PPC ads, social media, SEO, content, and email to reach your goals.

And from the start, we’re collecting and analyzing data – loads of it.

Thirty days after the marketing strategies launch (there’s a separate strategy for every facet of your marketing), we evaluate their progress. Were there more visitors? More leads? More sales? If not, how do we get there? If there were, how do we get more? Strategies that aren’t producing results are excised or tweaked. Strategies that are working are also tweaked to maximize their results.

At least once a month we have a conference call with you to discuss the progress on each strategy. We use a number of software analytics tools to track performance and we’ll explain the results clearly to you so you won’t feel like we’re speaking Martian. You’ll have a clear understanding of where you’ve been and where you’re going.

ProcessInfographicSTAGE1STAGE3STAGE5STAGE4STAGE2Research & Analysis Assets and Baseline Audit• Challenges & OpportunitiesGrowth• Google Analytics• HeatmapsFunnel DevelopmentWebsite Copy & Design/Development Attribution, Advertising, Social, SEO, Email MarketingMessaging & Brand StrategyMonthly IterationsWeekly Progress Report• Monthly KPIs and Goals• Session Recordings A/B Testing• Review & Approve• Launch Tasks

Research & Analysis

Assets and Baseline Audit
Challenges & Opportunities

Messaging & Brand Strategy

Value Propositions, Differentiators, Buyer Personas, and Products & Services
Emotional and Target Messages
Message and Audience Testing

Funnel Development

Website Copy & Design/Development
Attribution, Advertising, Social, SEO, Email Marketing

Monthly Iterations

Weekly Progress Report
Monthly KPI’s and Goals
Review & Approve
Launch Tasks


Google Analytics
Session Recordings
A/B Testing

Streamlined communication

We’ve built a proprietary communication system to make contacting us fast and efficient. Each client is given a custom email address which is used to interact with any member of our team. Have an email marketing question? One address. A website or PPC advertising question? The same address. Having just one email address for any question, approval or comment ensures that your project manager sees every communication from you and can route it to the appropriate team member. This means no lost emails, no out of office email replies, and no “who’s in charge?” questions.

You approve nearly everything

We take your business very seriously. That’s why we use that single email address to ask for your approval on every blog post, email, web page, and nearly everything that has your company name on it. We take no liberties and make no assumptions where your reputation and marketing dollars are at stake.

All of this is to say, we take your success very seriously – it’s as important as our own.

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