A digital marketing funnel is a map of the modern online buyer’s journey. It builds on the old sales funnel model and follows a pattern  – not always linear – that represents a digital buyer’s journey.

Digital marketing strategy is built on technique, not fad. Trends aren’t worth much in the long term.

So how can you build a digital marketing funnel that will grow with the market as you adjust your marketing strategy?

First, you’ll need to identify exactly what a digital marketing funnel is.  The Digital Marketing Institute defines the funnel this way:

  • Attention and awareness

  • Interest and research

  • Desire and decision making

  • Action and purchase

Awareness is the start of the buying process. This is the point where the buyer realizes they have a need.

Immediately after, they research your product/s and competing brands. This is a consideration phase where the buyer makes up their own mind about the value of your product/services.

The desire and decision making phase is the follow-up to the opinion they form.

Action and purchase is the follow-through a customer makes to their decision (a phone call, email submission form or purchase). It is an experience in the sense that they reached a conclusion before they engaged with your sales team. It’s the experience of that final stage that closes their decision arc. If this stage goes well, it feeds the cycle of the marketing funnel again.

What business models do digital marketing funnels benefit most?

Seeing the marketing funnel broken down helps us know how it works. But who does it apply to? Why can this funnel benefit a digital sales team more than the traditional sales funnel?

The answer isn’t direct. As often as the internet sales model changes, everyone could use a digital marketing funnel. But we should narrow it down to those who are helped most.

That would be small to medium business owners looking to take the next step in their business. Sales funnel models are built with a bigger picture in mind. They target a large scale market-to-close scheme. A digital marketing funnel is for those who are ready to expand from a smaller footprint.

Why should your business consider a digital marketing funnel?

A digital marketing funnel can capture buyers at any stage of their buying cycle – the earlier you reach them in the process, the more likely they are to buy from you either now or in the future.

This method can combine the cut and dry of your services with a broader, more information-centered approach. The digital marketing funnel helps you target new clients, shape their opinion about your services or your competitors, and helps to move them through the funnel to purchase.

FunnelKake specializes in building digital marketing funnels that are fully actionable and relatable. Take it a step further than insight and the cliches behind marketing jargon. Contact us to learn how to map your company’s brand life cycle for longer relationships and brighter futures.

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