Our digital marketing plans are each designed to maximize your B2B leads, B2C sales, and customer retention.

One of our sales associates can explain each plan in detail.

Inbound Ads Funnel

Create a consistent buyer journey that aligns products/services, keywords, PPC ads, landing pages, and display remarketing to convert buyers.

FunnelKake is a certified Google Ads Partner (formerly Google AdWords)


We begin by defining your brand, products, and services to provide focus for your PPC advertising and landing pages.

Then we gather data like market research, keyword research, competitor research and any previous successes or failures in your marketing strategies.

Based on this data, we develop a messaging strategy with relatable language and emotional triggers to influence buyers.

The messaging strategy is used to write and design your custom landing pages which are optimized for conversion. The same data and messaging is used to build PPC ads for search engines and paid social media campaigns.

Some of your PPC advertising budget may be used for retargeting campaigns – when a user clicks on an ad and visits your landing page but does not convert, ads are pushed to them over the next 7-30 days to bring them back.

Analysis of your ad campaign is constant. We use it to improve performance and ROI/ROAS

We provide you with weekly reports on your ad campaign performance and work done on your behalf.

Inbound Sales Funnel

Create a consistent buyer journey via paid advertising, organic traffic, email lists, and other digital media channels to bring prospective customers through the sales funnel to conversion and retention. We also seek to drive down your customer acquisition cost (CAC) while increasing your ROI and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).


We begin with an audit and analysis of every facet of your current digital marketing: your website, SEO performance (organic traffic), PPC ads, organic and paid social media, email, and any other current marketing which may influence your digital channels. From this data we develop your CHOPS: Challenges and Opportunities for each digital marketing channel. This is our foundation.

From our CHOPs we develop strategies for each digital marketing channel to maximize conversions and retention.

We build your inbound sales funnel based on our research and CHOPS. Each digital marketing channel is coordinated with consistent messaging to bring prospective customers into the funnel and move them through it to conversion.

As prospective customers pass through the funnel, we collect data on their journey. We use this data to improve and optimize channel performance, ROI, ROAS, CAC, and customer conversion and retention.

We provide you with weekly reports on your inbound sales funnel performance and work done on your behalf.

Enterprise Funnel Plan

A completely customized plan – please call for details.

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